Joseph Luck

London | | Resume

I'm a software engineer with a profound interest in design, user experience and functional programming in languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript. I'm also a passionate contributor to open source having published libraries through GitHub and Npm.


I have commercial experience in a wide range of front-end tools and libraries. Whilst there are many to list, I am particularly experienced with functional programming in TypeScript using libraries such as React, Redux, Ramda and Jest. I also have experience with CoffeeScript, ES6/7 and NodeJS as well as other popular MVC libraries such as Vue, Angular and Backbone. Aside from my technical skills, I pride myself on being an excellent problem solver with a focus on design and user experience.


Goodlord Software Engineer - November 2016 to Present

starFeature development in a small, agile team
starBuild and maintenance of an extensive in-house component library and framework spanning multiple products
starPair programming, code reviews and training junior members of the team

Commusoft Senior front-end engineer - March 2016 to November 2016

starUI/UX design of all features for both customer-facing products and internal tools
starFront-end architecture design and migrating a large legacy Angular codebase to React
starIntroducing modern agile practises including Kanban and pair programming
starRecruitment and traning of junior members of the team

Commusoft Junior front-end developer - July 2014 - March 2016

starFeature development and bug fixes to core customer-facing product
starIntroduction to modern web application development including building a large Angular application

Open Source

I'm always developing my skills and often publish my work on GitHub and Npm. I'm particularly proud of Twine, an elm-inspired functional state management library and Helix, a batteries included functional front-end framework providing state-management, routing and rendering with React.

This website is generated from markdown files using one of my projects, sparkdown.


Ravensbourne BA(hons) Sound Design - November 2011 - July 2014

I achived a first-class honours from Ravensbourne where I studied sound engineering, acoustics, synthesis and audio programming. For my final project, I built an audio game using a combination of C# and JavaScript in the Unity game engine. During my studies I became a freelance web designer whilst working for Three Men and a Camera as a freelance audio engineer shooting documentaties and promos for many of London's leading digital agencies.


I play table tennis competitively and compete in many local leagues around the South East London and North West Kent areas. I'm also a keen traveller and have been fortunate to scuba dive in many of the worlds famous dive sites including the Great Barrer Reef.