Below you'll find some words former colleagues have been kind enough to share.

Catherine Oddy

Catherine is a user experience designer. We worked together at Goodlord between 2017 and 2018 where we frequently designed and iterated on features together.

Joe and I worked together on a squad addressing the needs of users in the property rental space. He is an excellent collaborator and problem solver. His contribution was unmatched at every step in the process - from ideation to code to iteration. He's the first to volunteer to unpick a particularly difficult problem and operates with a user-centric attitude in his solutions. Additionally, he will always offer to get the team coffee when he's going to get one for himself what more can you ask for?

Andrea Magnorsky

Andrea is a senior software engineer and I worked under her for around 9 months at Goodlord. We worked very closely together designing features and improvements to the core Goodlord platform.

Joseph is a great person to work with. He has excellent technical capabilities and gets the job done. He is also curious, dedicated and reacts in an excellent way to feedback.

It was a pleasure to work with Joseph in our squad at Goodlord. He has the respect of his peers and technical lead. It would be great to work with Joseph again.

Michael Leung

Michael is a backend software engineer and I worked with him at Goodlord during 2017 and 2018. We were on the same squad for around 9 months where we frequently pair-programmed and designed features and solutions together.

Joseph is one of the most conscientious, thoughtful and capable developers I've had the pleasure of working with. We've been on the same team for a little over 9 months and I've found that his attention to detail and consistent diligence and enthusiasm have been a huge asset to the cohesion of the team and the quality of our code.

One of his best characteristics is his ability to collaborate. He has an open ear for other opinions and proposals and a deliberate way of communicating that effectively conveys his views and mediates discourse. An outstanding partner to pair program with, his attention to detail results in issues being caught well ahead of time. He has a great work ethic and laser-sharp focus which shows in the excellent quality of his independently written code - an example of which is the front-end framework he authored, Helix.

Joseph is a fantastic presence in the workplace, instinctively standing up for what's best for the product and relentless in doing his part for the team. He is naturally sociable and a frequent face at out-of-work gatherings. Always willing to offer a hand in help whether it be for a code review, pairing or even for some heavy lifting or candidate interviews, his natural charisma and accommodating personality brighten up the workplace and his keen eye for detail and natural talent as a developer have reaped huge benefits for our product. He will be sorely missed but I wish him all the best in the future and hope that we might work together again.

Francesca Malpass

Francesca is a product manager and I worked with her at Goodlord between 2016 and 2018. I worked with Francesca closely when we were both part of the same small, agile delivery squad aimed at tackling a core business focus for around 6 months. Prior to that, we worked together as part of a larger team focussed on re-platforming the Goodlord system over the course of just over a year.

Joseph is an excellent engineer and colleague. Not only is he extremely talented as a developer, his passion for solving problems and applying his skills extends beyond coding. Joseph always keeps the user at the forefront of his work, consistently demonstrating and applying his empathy towards users and knowledge of the problem-areas and industry.

Joseph is a fantastic person to have on your team, to bounce ideas off, and he's never scared to challenge an idea or make suggestions. His consistency in demonstrating these qualities throughout the time I have worked with him has compounded my trust and respect for him.

I wish Joseph luck in all of his future endeavours and hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again.

Brooke Balza

I worked with Brooke at Commusoft in 2016 where she joined as a junior frontend engineer. I helped train Brooke through pair programming, code reviews and regular 1-to-1s. Brooke achieved an outstanding amount in the short 6 months we worked together and I learnt a lot during our time together.

I couldn't have asked for a better manager and mentor for my first role in development at Commusoft than Joe. His passion and talent for front-end design and UX are clear in everything he does.

Joe's been a brilliant teacher, able to explain and illustrate ideas in different ways if I wasn't sure I fully understood a concept. Whenever there's something I'm struggling with, Joe is always more than happy to help resolve the issue. Because of his willingness to work through the problems together, I've become a much better developer much more quickly than I otherwise would have.

Joe clearly cares about developing the skills of the people on his team and is more than willing to share what he knows. I'm going to miss Joe immensely, and would love to work with him again in the future.

Callum Hart

Callum is a senior front-end engineer and designer. I worked directly under him at Commusoft as a junior engineer for the best part of 2 years. I helped Callum design and develop an large CRM platform encompassing many complex features such as calendar / diary management, purchase order creation and invoicing. I frequently pair-programmed with Callum where he taught me how to build complex user interfaces using Angular and LESS. After Callum left Commusoft, I took over full responsibility over the front-end Angular project, as well as a internal administration platform written in Backbone with Coffeescript.

Joseph is a Front-end Engineer you want on your team. I had the pleasure of working with him at Commusoft for nearly two years. He joined as a junior front-end developer and quickly impressed. I was immediately struck by his motivation, ability to learn, and healthy attitude to feedback and collaboration.

Joseph's ability to grasp the problem in hand is second to none. A methodical, detail-orientated, and user-centric approach see him consistently solve complex technical and design tasks with ease.

Joseph's commitment to open-source is a testament to his unwavering dedication to self-improvement. Some of his most notable projects to date: Helix, Twine and sparkdown are great examples of this.

Personally, Joseph is an absolute delight to work with. Quietly confident, always curious, and super passionate about what he does, his motivation and energy is contagious. I highly recommend Joseph, and hope we work together again.