Joseph Luck

I'm a software engineer with expertise in design, user experience and functional programming in languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript. I also publish and maintain a few open-source products, libraries, tools and frameworks through GitHub and npm.


I'm a front-end specialist having spent the last 6 years working in tight-nit teams as a front-end software engineer and designer. I am particularly experienced building products in TypeScript using frameworks and libraries such as React, React Native, Next, Redux, Ramda and Jest. I also have experience in back-end development with technologies such as Node.js, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 amongst others. Aside from my technical skills, I'm a keen user interface and user experience designer who enjoys establishing design systems and user-centric product development.


Senior front-end software engineer - February 2020 to Present

Bó is a challenger bank that forms part of NatWest (which in turn, forms part of the RBS group). Bó offers a current account, a debit card and a banking app. I work for Bó as a senior front-end software engineer working in cross-functional product teams.

I'm able to use my extensive knowledge in React, React Native and TypeScript to build cutting-edge banking features that help Bó's users make the most out of their money.

Fantastec Technology Front-end lead - April 2018 to February 2020

Fantastec is a sports technology start-up dedicated to helping sports fans engage with their favourite sports, teams, and players. I led Fantastec's front-end team and liaised with the wider product team and stakeholders to build several web and mobile products.

One of my core responsibilities at Fantastec was to establish and maintain the core front-end architecture around React, React Native and TypeScript across several web and native products. As a lead, I also had a large part to play in the design, direction and technical decisions of Fantastec’s product portfolio and worked closely alongside the product lead in defining a robust product strategy. Day-to-day I helped the wider engineering team deliver features and worked closely alongside the back-end lead and CTO on wider architectural changes.

I was also responsible for the hiring, management and mentorship of the front-end team. During my time with Fantastec I became fully autonomous in a large React Native codebase and mentored and onboarded my team to React Native.

Goodlord Senior software engineer - November 2016 to April 2018

Goodlord is a property technology company building a software platform for estate agents and tenants in the UK. I worked at Goodlord during a period of high growth both commercially and internally. I joined when there were 6 engineers and helped scale the team to over 20 strong. During my time at Goodlord, I established a modern front-end tech stack consisting of React, TypeScript and a custom framework I authored specifically for Goodlord's complex form-management requirements called Helix.

As a designer/developer hybrid, I was heavily involved in the user-testing, ideation, feature discovery and delivery of several business-critical features.

Commusoft Front-end engineer - March 2016 to November 2016

Commusoft is a large customer relationship management system catered for the service industry. I led Commusoft's small front-end team for 8 months where I had a lead role in product and design as well as developing the front-end for the customer facing and internal products using a mixture of technologies such as Angular, React and Backbone. During this time, I also mentored junior front-end engineers and liaised with an off-shore back-end team. I was fortunate enough to implement modern software engineering / agile practises such as kanban, pair programming, code review and git-flow.

Commusoft Junior front-end developer - July 2014 - March 2016

I started my software engineering career at Commusoft where I quickly became autonomous under the direction of a senior front-end engineer. I was responsible for core feature development and design of a large CRM platform spanning multiple products. Towards the end of my position, I was single-handedly responsible for a customer facing product that I engineered using React and liaised with a remote backend team to see the product through to production.

Open Source

I'm a keen contributor to open-source and often publish my work on GitHub and Npm. I'm particularly proud of Stately, a simple functional state management library and Helix, a batteries included functional front-end framework providing state-management, routing and rendering with React.

Personal Projects

During my free time, I like to experiment with new technologies and improve my design and user experience skills. To this end, I enjoy building my own tools and products:

Stately is a simple, functional and immutable state management library for TypeScript complete with bindings for React Hooks and Next.js.

Internote is a distraction-free note editor built on top of a modern "serverless" stack consisting of TypeScript, React, Next, Styled Components and Twine on the front-end and TypeScript with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and a slew of other AWS services on the back-end.

Keepies is a chrome extension that automatically takes screenshots of web apps at set intervals to aid front-end developers and designers curate their portfolio. Keepies is open-source and is written in TypeScript with React.

Wtf.js (What The Forecast?!) is a terminal weather app written in TypeScript. It was written on a particularly cold winters weekend.


Ravensbourne BA(hons) Sound Design - November 2011 - July 2014

I achieved a first-class honours from Ravensbourne where I studied sound engineering, acoustics, synthesis and audio programming. For my final project, I built an audio-only horror game using a combination of C# and JavaScript in the Unity game engine. During my studies I became a freelance web designer whilst founding the filmography unit, Three Men and a Camera, where I handled all audio responsibilities shooting documentaries and promos for many of London's leading digital agencies.


A selection of references are available on my website, and bespoke ones are available upon request.


I play table tennis competitively and compete for Kent and in local leagues around South East London. I'm also a keen traveller and have been fortunate to scuba dive in many of the worlds famous dive sites including the Great Barrier Reef. I'm an avid musician and music fan and frequently go to gigs in London and the south-east.